AppointmentStyler is a helpful Outlook Add-In. It adds custom designed invitation emails to your Outlook appointments and meeting requests!

Make sure your partners and clients can read your Outlook messages everywhere and every time!

You’re sending Outlook appointments and tasks?

To email addresses of customers, partners, friends and colleagues?

But what if they’re NOT using Outlook?

What if they’re using another email client or receiving your important message on their mobile phone?

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They possibly will see this cryptic messages:


They will miss your meeting!

They will ignore your messages in future!

They will be confused about your way to communicate!

So make sure your partners and clients can read it! 

- Make absolutely sure that every recipient understands your invitation!
- Bring your corporate identity to appointments, meetings and tasks!
- Send custom designed appointments, tasks and meeting requests from your Outlook!
- Make sure everyone can read your appointments and task on every device and in every email client!

Your benefit:

This is the effect of the AppointmentStyler for your client/customer/partner!

This is the effect of the AppointmentStyler for the IPhone users!