First Steps

First of all: please download and install AppointmentStyler.

Afterwards just create your first individual invitation templates – a step by step guide you’ll find here.

Now your ready to start!

From this point on, you will never send cryptic appointments or tasks to your customers, partner, friends or colleagues again!

How does it work?

  1. Start Outlook and create a new Outlook appointment and invite some attendees. After clicking on “Send” in your appointment this little dialog will appear:
  2. Now choose the template you want to use. E.g.: use the business template for the next department meeting or the private template to invite friends to a dinner?!
    If you want to use the same template every time please uncheck the “Show confirmation dialog” checkbox. With that setting you don’t have to confirm anything the next time you’ll send an appointment – the AppointmentStyler will include automatically your default template!
  3. Afterwards click on “Ok” and Outlook will send the typical appointment and additionally a readable HTML-Mail in your individual design. This separate invitation will include automatically exactly the same data as the Outlook appointment. Everybody could read your appointment regardless if they will receive it on:

    Lotus Notes
    Other Email Client Software
    (Opera Mail, Thunderbird, Incredi Mail, Eudora)
    Freemail Providers
    (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, GMX, etc)
    Other Mobile Devices

What’s the magic?

The AppointmentStyler will use your individual templates and convert them into a perfect looking appointment invitation. Here’s how to create easily your own individual HTML-templates. After you’ve clicked on “SEND” in your Outlook appointment, the AppointmentStyler will automatically convert your HTML-template like this:

The AppointmentStyler Options

In your Outlook menu you’ll find the AppointmentStyler toolbar. Just click on it and on “Options” to get to the AppointmentStyler options:

Here are your options:

  • switch off the complete feature for appointments or tasks separately
  • easily add a new template to your template store with the button “Add”
  • select a template in the list and press “Remove” to remove a template
  • Set your standard template: if you have more than one template for appointment or tasks, please select a template and press “Set standard…”. Now the default template will be marked with a “T” (task) or “A” (appointment) in your template list
  • With “Edit Subject” you can change the subject of the additional AppointmentStyler mail
  • Just click on “Open Parent Directory” if you want to see the folder of your templates. Every individual template you will create should be saved here: