General Information:

Why do I need the AppointmentStyler?
You’re using Outlook and you’re sending appointments and tasks to your attendees via Outlook. If your attendees are using Lotus Notes, Mac, other Email client software, freemail providers, IPhone, IPads or other mobile devices they maybe will

What is the AppointmentStyler?
The AppointmentStyler software is integrated entirely into Microsoft Outlook® 2003, 2007 and 2010 via an add-in technology. It adds to every appointment or task which you’re sending to other persons a HTML-mail. This additional information mail is a summarization of the important data of the original appointment or task. With using the AppointmentStyler every attendee is able to read your appointment – regardless if he is using Lotus Notes, Mac, other Email Clientsoftware, freemail providers, IPhone, IPads or other mobile devices.

Do you provide product support for AppointmentStyler?
Yes, you can send us a support mail 24 hours a day at support@appointmentstyler.com. In most cases it is useful for our support team, if you send us an actual log file of your AppointmentStyler system and explain your problem as detailed as possible. Screenshots are also helpful to find the cause of your problem. Please do not forget to describe how your problem can be reproduced.

We would like to set up AppointmentStyler for a range of clients within our company. What shoudl I do?
Please contact our sales team with sales@appointmentstyler.com.

How can I become a reseller of AppointmentStyler or is there an affiliate program?
We would much appreciate it if you offer AppointmentStyler to your customers too. To become a reseller or if you have questions about our partnerships refer to sales@appointmentstyler.com.

I’m tired of those .ics file attachments I can’t read!
Iphones or other mobile devices do not display the Outlook items in a readable form – so use AppointmentStyler for it!

Setup & Usage:

Can I create individual HTML templates for my appointments?
Yes you can. This requires no special programming skills. On the basis of the already included templates of your AppointmentStyler installation, you can create a HTML-document with Word, Notepad or any HTML-Editor. If you’re using a HTML-Editor (like Frontpage®) we assume that you’ve already basic HTML skills. If you’re using Word or Notepad here is how to do:

  1. Open a new Word or Notepad file.
  2. Just start the page with the following (type in): <html><body>
  3. After these two commands you can start to create your own invitation. Insert a headline, some common information text or a location plan.
  4. The important data of the original Outlook appointment will be placed in your template as so called “patterns”. These are the available patterns:

    So for example if you will write in your template the following:
    “I would like to schedule a meeting at %startdate% %starttime%”
    the attendee will receive the following phrase:
    “I would like to schedule a meeting at Wednesday 1th December 2011 11:30″

  5. At the end of your page insert: </body></html>
  6. Finally save this file as HTML file (.html).
  7. Please copy the completed template into this folder:
    Win XP: C:\documents and settings\[YOUR NAME]\local settings\application data\AppointmentStyler\Templates\
    Vista/Win 7: C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\AppData\Local\AppointmentStyler\Templates\
  8. No choose in the AppointmentStyler toolbar Options>Add and mark the new template as “Set as standard appointment (A)”

What do the appointment patterns mean? What do they stand for?

%persons% = the attendees of your appointment (e.g. Peter, Paul, Mary)
%location% = location of the appointment (e.g. “Meeting Room 5″)
%duration% = duration of the appointment in minutes (e.g. “60min”)
%subject% = the name/reason/subject of your appointment (e.g. “New marketing project brain storming”)
%body% = text out of the body of your appointment (e.g. “Bring cookies and coffee!”)
%starttime% = starting time of the appointment (e.g. “9:30″)
%startdate% = start date of the appointment (e.g. “Wednesday 1th December 2011″)
%endtime% = ending time of the appointment (e.g. “10:30″)
%enddate% = end date of the appointment (e.g. “Thursday 2th December 2011″)
%responserequested% = whether you have requested a response from your attendee or not
%companies% =
%role% =

What do the task patterns mean? What do they stand for?

%persons% = the receivers/responsible persons of your task (e.g. Peter, Paul, Mary)
%subject% = the subject of your task(e.g. “Create a new presentation”)
%body% = text out of the body of your task (e.g. “Read the new white paper before”)
%starttime% = starting time of the task (e.g. “9:30″)
%startdate% = start date of the task (e.g. “Wednesday 1th December 2011″)
%duetime% = due time of the task (e.g. “10:30″)
%duedate% = due date of the task (e.g. “Thursday 2th December 2011″)
%importance% = the importance of the task (e.g. “high”)
%companies% =
%role% =

Do features and design of Outlook® change when using AppointmentStyler?
No, all Outlook® functions will of course be saved. Nevertheless, you will experience Outlook® in a totally new way! The AppointmentStyler toolbar will appear above in the Outlook® toolbar.

System Requirements:

What are the system requirements?
You need an IBM or a compatible Pentium® (700 MHz or higher) with 512 MB RAM or higher, 100 MB hard disk space for installation and a graphic card with at least the following resolution: SVGA 800×600 with 256 colours (1024 x 768 with 16-Bit is recommended).

Which version of Microsoft® Office is suitable for AppointmentStyler?
AppointmentStyler may be used with the following: Microsoft® Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. These Office packages contain Outlook® 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Is AppointmentStyler compatible to Windows Server Editions?
Yes. You can use AppointmentStyler with Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008.

Does AppointmentStyler support Windows 7?
Yes, AppointmentStyler is ready for Windows 7 and full compatible.

Is the AppointmentStyler compatible to Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Outlook 2007 and 2010?
Yes, the AppointmentStyler is compatible to the new operating systems and Office versions.

Which operating system does AppointmentStyler require?
The AppointmentStyler requires Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Is AppointmentStyler compatible to 64bit operating systems and 64bit Microsoft Office?
Yes, it is.

Technical Details:

I use Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Is there anything to take into consideration?
Under Microsoft Windows Server 2003 you will need the C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package. You can find the download at www.microsoft.com.

Is AppointmentStyler compatible with other Outlook® Add-Ins?
No incompatibilities with other Outlook® Add-Ins are known so far. If questions arise, please refer to our support area.

Is it possible to use Outlook® Exchange when I use AppointmentStyler?
Yes, you can use AppointmentStyler with Exchange.

Does AppointmentStyler work with Citrix and terminal server?
Yes, AppointmentStyler runs smoothly with Citrix and terminal server?

Does AppointmentStyler also work when I use Outlook® Express, WebAccess and Windows Live Mail?
This is planned.

Is there an existing AppointmentStyler version which is suitable for Apple Mac and Lotus Notes?
This is planned.

Is AppointmentStyler compatible with other Outlook® Add-Ins?
No incompatibilities with other Outlook® Add-Ins are known so far. If questions arise, please refer to support@appointmentstyler.com.

I would like to install AppointmentStyler on a Terminal Server. Do I need a license for each installation or does this depend on the amount of user?
AppointmentStyler’s license model is a so called named-user-model. This means that you need a license for every employee who works with AppointmentStyler on the Terminal Server. After that, AppointmentStyler works for the licensed employee on any number of terminals.

Registration & Installation:

What should I do if I want to use / install AppointmentStyler?
Please close Outlook before installing AppointmentStyler. Then click on the download link, save the zip-file and unzip it. Afterwards double click on the .msi file and follow the instructions. After the installation you can start your Outlook again. In the Outlook menu
you will find a new toolbar called AppointmentStyler.

What do I have to do if I lose my licence key?
Please contact our distribution partner Share-it! directly and go to http://www.shareit.com/ccc/, enter your password and your key will be available at „My Account“. You can also directly send an e-mail directly to the Customer Care Center http://www.shareit.com/ccc/. There your questions will be answered and via the function „Submit question” you can reclaim your key.

How do I find out which version of AppointmentStyler I have?
In the AppointmentStyler toolbar you will find a “About” entry in the menu. The AppointmentStyler version number will then appear in the window.

If I change to another Microsoft® Office will I lose my licence to use AppointmentStyler?
No, reinstall AppointmentStyler again and enter the key code you were given by Share-it!.

If I change to another operating system, will I lose my licence to use AppointmentStyler?
No, of course not. You will just have to reinstall Outlook® and AppointmentStyler and re-enter the key code you were given by Share-it!.

How much does AppointmentStyler cost and how long will I be allowed to use it?
The license price for AppointmentStyler you will find in our web shop. You can use it immediately without any limitations for as long as you wish. For companies we offer special volume licenses, feel free to contact us: sales@appointmentstyler.com.

Can I buy AppointmentStyler in any retail shop?
No, AppointmentStyler is currently only available online as download.

I have bought AppointmentStyler at Share-It. What happens next?
Share-It! will send you an e-mail which contains a key code and your license name. You now have to enter the key code and the license name on “Register” in our AppointmentStyler Help-Menu in the toolbar of AppointmentStyler. After confirming it you will be able to use AppointmentStyler without any limit.

How can I pay for AppointmentStyler?
Our distribution partner Share-It! gives you the option of paying either by credit card, bank transfer, check, cash or invoice (only for business customers). Share-It! accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Solo and Switch/Maestro (only if issued in the UK).

I have downloaded AppointmentStyler and have become enthusiastic about your software. Now I want to purchase it, what do I have to do?
Just go to our web shop on this web site!

What happens if I don’t buy a AppointmentStyler license?
You will see a nag screen every time you’ll use AppointmentStyler and every appointment or task which you’re sending to your attendees will include an advertisement footer to promote the AppointmentStyler software to your attendees.

I have questions on payment details, my key of licence or other concerns. Who is responsible?
If you have any queries please contact our distribution partner Share-It! directly. At the Customer Care Center you will find answers to most of your questions and you can also ask the Share-It team personally or contact them via e-mail: processing@shareit.com.

Known Cases:

Myself or my attendees are not able to read the AppointmentStyler notification emails – they are cryptic ?
That is likely to be due to the display options of Microsoft Outlook. To fix this click on <Tools> in the options and then choose the e-mail format <HTML>.

Why do the attendees whom I’ve sent an appointment are receiving two elements for one appointment?
The first calendar element is the typical Outlook appointment notification. It’s generated by Outlook itself automatically to show what has been entered in your calendar or updated. The second e-mail was sent by AppointmentStyler – it contains the complete data of the original Outlook appointment in a readable form. This AppointmentStyler e-mail can be read out by any devices.

The toolbar of AppointmentStyler® cannot be seen in Outlook® anymore, what should I do?
For Windows XP users:
You may have accidentally uninstalled AppointmentStyler®. Please check this at Start\Control Panel\Add or Remove Programs\. There you will see the “AppointmentStyler” register, if it is really still installed.

  1. The system may have switched off AppointmentStyler® in the Add-In Manager, which is located in the Outlook® toolbar; select Tools\Options\Other\Advanced Settings and check there whether in the “Add-In Manager” or in the “Com-Add-Ins” AppointmentStyler is switched off (the box is unchecked). After doing so (please check the box of AppointmentStyler), the AppointmentStyler® toolbar will appear again.
  2. Another solution is: click on “Help” in the Outlook® toolbar, then on “Info” and “Disabled Items” search if AppointmentStyler is listed there and if so, activate the Add-In AppointmentStyler® here by selecting it and by clicking on “activate”.
  3. Maybe the system has switched off AppointmentStyler® in the Outlook® menu – please go to “Tools” and then “Customize” and mark AppointmentStyler® in this menu (the first tab “Symbols”) in order to switch on AppointmentStyler®.
  4. Finally you can run the diagnostic tool of Outlook. Please go to Help -> Office Diagnostics…

For Windows Vista/Win 7 users:

  1. First possibility is that AppointmentStyler is not activated in the Add-In Manager. To change this, go to „Trust Center“ in the Outlook menu. Select „Add-ins“. Under “Inactive Application Add-ins”, you should be able to find a AppointmentStyler entry here. Select this and click on “Go To”, tick the box next to AppointmentStyler and click on OK. AppointmentStyler is now among the „Active Applications – Add ins.“
  2. Second possibility: click on “Help” in the Outlook 2007 toolbar and then check “Disabled Items” – AppointmentStyler must be enabled!
  3. Third possibility: go to Tools>Customize>Toolbars and mark the checkbox “Axonic AppointmentStyler”.
  4. Another possibility is that the “User Account Control” (UAC) is deactivated. Please switch this on. Go to Start/Run, and type in “msconfig”. Click on enter. In “Tools”, look for the option „Enable User Account Control.“ Mark this and click on “launch”. You’ll need to restart your computer.
  5. Eventually you can run the diagnostic tool of Outlook. Please go to Help -> Office Diagnostics…

I’m not able to uninstall AppointmentStyler, why?
Please run the setup.exe as administrator (to do so use SHIFT + right click –> Run as…). Then select “Remove”.

I’m unable to install AppointmentStyler, the installer shows an error message referring to the adxloader.log file!
Please deactivate the User Account Control if you are using Windows Vista or adjust it to the lowest level on Windows 7. If the problem occurs anyway, this can be because your .NET 3.5 version is old or has been changed. Please reinstall .NET 3.5, the service pack 1 of .NET 3.5 and the C++ 2008 redistributable.